Proportional pinch valve – A Tech Tool

A proportional pinch valve is actually a two way valve designed to turn off or open the flow of granular, abrasive or corrosive media content. Pressurized air is used to control the flow of the medium. Now when the valve is open there is no restriction to the medium to pass through the bore. But when the bore/valve is closed or partially closed then the flow of the medium would be restricted. In simple words, the pinch valve solenoid is a piece of equipment that actually works like a regular tap. The valve has two options that are either open or shut off. 

The proportional pinch valve consists of three main components which are the body/hosting, rubber sleeve, and the end connections. The rubber sleeves that are used inside serve the purpose of opening or closing the valve. The internal rubber sleeves would open or close depending on the air pressure set by the user. If you are thinking about how does a proportional valve work then know that there are two basic pinch valve versions available. The first type can be controlled mechanically whereas the second one has pneumatic control.

Working on the Proportional Pinch Valve devices!

Here we have discussed some of the basic working principles of the pinch valves.

Manually operated Pinch Valves

The manually operated pinch valves are the ones that are handled with the help of a hand wheel. You simply have to turn the hand wheel to adjust the opening of the valve. Now the manual valves are not easy to use and you have to spend a lot of effort on manual adjustments. 

Pneumatically Operated Solenoid Pinch Valves

If you don’t want to use the mechanical proportional pinch valve equipment then you simply have to use the digitally controlled proportional valves. The operation of these valves is dependent on compressor bars. The bars would simply pull and push the internal sleeves to maintain the outlet flow set by the operator. You don’t have to worry about how to adjust the proportional valve anymore as the pneumatic proportional pinch valves work on the spring return mechanism.

Advantages of Pinch Valve 

Here we have discussed some of the advantages of the proportional pinch valve over the conventional mechanical equipment used in the past:

  • The pinch valves are low budget and easy to maintain
  • The weight of the pinch valves is quite low so you can easily manage them 
  •  A major benefit of using the pinch valves is that they are compact, simple, robust, and have a sleep design 
  • Pneumatic pinch valve flow control is quite efficient because it gives fast opening and closing times
  • You don’t have to worry about excessive air consumption anymore
  • They also provide self air cleaning feature which is not present in the old devices
  • You would get a permanent seal for shut off which decreases the chances of any losses
  • A proportional pinch valve provides minimum turbulence and zero friction

There are many more benefits of using this equipment that you would know about once you start using it!

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