What Does an Unhealthy Lawn Look Like?

Maria James

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What does an unhealthy lawn look like? If your lawn is brown and drooping, you might want to look at it carefully and see if there are any issues. There are several signs of unhealthy lawns, including moss, burnt patches, and uneven mowing. In many cases, the cause is a combination of problems, so it’s important to look at each one separately. To determine which of these problems is present, check the lawn using a meter or contact a lawn professional like Orlando lawn maintenance.

A healthy lawn is vibrant green

A healthy lawn is vibrant green, and is the calling card of a home. Sadly, if it’s not properly maintained, it will turn brown and unattractive, causing you to lose curb appeal. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent and fix the problems that could be affecting your lawn. Listed below are some common signs of an unhealthy lawn. These symptoms may indicate problems with watering, excessive sun exposure, or a microbial invasion.


Weeds compete for space, water, and sunlight, and are often a sign of dehydration. While a few patches of weeds are perfectly normal, if they have become out of control, it’s time to take action. Proper lawn care includes fertilization, watering, and aerating to maintain your lawn’s health. But these steps aren’t enough to solve all the problems.


The most obvious sign of an unhealthy lawn is a brown patch. This could be caused by dehydration, high traffic, or an insect infestation. Insects consume your grass and spread diseases. You should eliminate any insects that live on your lawn. You should also check for chinch bugs and white grubs if you see any of these symptoms. You should also check for other types of insects affecting your lawn.

Yellow Patchy Grass:

If you notice patches of yellow grass, this may be a sign of an unhealthy lawn. Yellow patchy grass is often caused by lack of nutrients, compacted soil, or disease. If you notice this problem, fertilize and aerate your lawn regularly to prevent further damage. If your lawn is showing brown patches, the problem is likely related to a lack of water. Make sure you water it regularly to avoid these symptoms.

Yellow-green Zebra-Lawn:

This type of lawn looks yellow and green. Dog urine has a high nitrogen content, which makes it unhealthy for grass. When dogs urinate on it, they cause the grass to become discolored. If the grass is yellow, you should apply fertilizer to restore its healthy balance. Over fertilization can also do more damage than good. If you notice spots of dead grass, a fungus may be to blame.


If your lawn is too wet, it might be the cause of the problem. These patches will usually go away after a rain, but if they persist, you should cut back on your watering routine. Using lawn aerators and trimming overhead tree branches can also help banish them. If your lawn does develop these issues, make sure to use an odorless herbicide to help it recover.

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