Top 10 Tips to Align Your Authentic Business

Maria James

Authentic Business

This week’s ewith what you love and why. One of the most pressing questions that enlightened entrepreneurs, who are coaches, authors, speakers, trainers, leaders, and experts, have (or what I like to call Enlightened C.A.S.T.L.E.) is whether or not their business reflects their unique passion and purpose. Many entrepreneurs wonder, for example, “Is this what I was meant to do?” Or is this actually what I was born to do? Or, “Is this my business?”

I know from personal experience that when you build a business around your authenticity, passion, and purpose, not only are you doing what you love but you also have a greater impact on your life and the lives and livelihoods of those you touch. It’s like your mind and heart are ENLIGHTENED and empowered. You feel inspired to be the person you want to be. This is exactly how I feel now.

So, how can you do this and have the same enlightening feeling? This week I will share my top 10 tips to help you align your authentic business and your passion and purpose, so that you too can have spiritual fulfillment as well as financial success.

Top 10 Tips for Aligning Your Authentic Business with your Passion and Purpose

  1. The Law of G.A.D.I. “Go and Do It!” – With integrity, grace, and ease, not struggle

If you do what you love and you have the courage to go after it, your creativity, focus, productivity, and integrity will increase. Magnificent material, or what I call “divine downloadeds,” flows from you. Your determination to make faster decisions, ask better questions and take inspired, authentic actions (what feels genuine, real to you) This doesn’t feel as a challenge anymore.

  1. Attract Your Authentic Audience. These are ideal clients who are ready to hire you to assist them in their success.

Attracting your authentic audience – your ideal client – will help you be viewed as a trusted authority and role model. You become an example to your community.

  1. Even if you’re not always focused on it, make money doing what your heart desires.

Focusing on merging meaning and money is what I strongly believe in. This is how you can turn your inner wisdom and wealth into money.

  1. You can empower your mind, heart, and soul with the BEST practices, PROVEN models, and other valuable resources. (Whatever you feel is authentic, right, and true to you)

This is a huge blessing, but it can also be a curse. Actually, it drives me and my husband (who is also my business partner) crazy! It drives me crazy that I wake up every day feeling inspired, empowered, and enlightened to put in place all these “Success Secrets,” Spiritual Principles, Universal Laws and Success Secrets which make my life so exciting, passionate, and purposeful. This is true.

When you know, feel and trust what you are doing is aligned with your passion-and-purpose-based business, you feel ALIVE, CENTERED and CONNECTED. This allows you to see more and better ways to reach your BIG vision, Big mission, and Big message. It’s almost like your mind is a factory of ideas that constantly produces new insights to help you align, grow and succeed. To some extent, you can’t. You don’t want it to stop.

  1. Turn Your F.E.A.R. Fake Evidence Appearing Real – Turn Your F.E.A.R. into FAITH – Be comfortable with any “uncomfortable” feelings as you move ahead.

Your FEAR can be transformed into FAITH. You must make it easier for yourself to overcome your problems, obstacles and concerns quickly. You can only deal with this situation and trust the Universe. Source, God, Energy, God, Mother Nature, or whatever your FAITH may be (use your intuition, gut feelings here!). Know that you are being guided by the Divine and that any uneasy feelings (False evidence appearing real) will not hinder you from moving forward.

  1. Learn to develop your talents, skills, and natural abilities. You will get better and better until mastering your craft.

There is no overnight success. This is the transformational truth. It is not possible to discover your “God-given gifts, passion, and purpose in a matter of hours. Be patient and take the time to discover your authentic voice, true passion, unique purpose, and then continue working hard until your business is fully expressing who you are. Take a glimpse of yourself and work on it. Then, you can keep practicing and showing up. You will notice your inner self becoming more authentic over time. Slowly, but steadily, it will happen. Only PROGRESS and not perfection is what really matters to you and others.

  1. You can be more energetic and healthier and you will be a better leader.

You can eat better, take longer, deeper breaths and exercise more. This all leads to a more ENLIGHTENED and joyful way of being, doing, as well as having. Everything matters. You don’t want to waste your effort, time or energy. You should make it a top priority for your mind, body, energy, and health to be at their highest. Because you’re here to fulfill your BIG vision, BIG purpose, and BIG message.

  1. If you feel grateful and proud of the positive changes you are making in the world, it is a sure sign that you align your authentic business and your passion. This is because you will be able to create many new, unique, and fresh ideas. You are worthy and you should be proud of your achievements. And regardless of whether it succeeds or fails, be thankful for the inspiration and proud to show off what you’ve created.
  2. Believe in the BIG Ripple Effect. Transform yourself and transform others. And trust that the ripple effect will impact other people.

You must trust the process and help others to transform. By doing so. You create a community. Your transformational tribe. Where people become your SUPER buyers. BEST students, and RAVING supporters (they “LIKE” and follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Circle and Circle you on Google +; subscribe to your YouTube Channel. Refer other people to your services. Share your work, etc.). You can see a big ripple effect when people come to you and tell you how they’ve helped them or their loved ones. Above all, you know what you are doing is align with your PASSION, AUTHENTICITY. And PURPOSE and also makes a tremendous contribution to the world.

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