When Do Pregnant Women Need Quadruple Marker Tests?

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Quadruple marker test

The quad screen, also known as the quadruple marker test, is one of the most common diagnostic tests that provide essential information about the development of the fetus to expecting mothers and their healthcare practitioners. 

What Is A Quadruple Screen Test?

You will see your doctor every few weeks during your pregnancy. Some visits will include blood tests and other screenings to monitor your baby’s health.

During the second trimester, you may be subjected to a quad screen, also known as a quad or quadruple marker test. The term “quad” refers to the screening examination of four components in your blood.

The quad screen is a simple and essential diagnostic blood test performed by the clinician when the pregnant woman is between the 15th and 20th weeks of their pregnancy.

It can assist your healthcare professional in determining whether your fetus has the Down syndrome marker or other genetic abnormalities.

When Should A Pregnant Lady Perform The Quadruple Marker Test?

During your second trimester, your healthcare professional will ask if you want a quad marker screen.

If you want to undergo the screening, it will take place between the 15th and 20th weeks of your pregnancy, beginning with the very first day of your last menstruation cycle.

The most accurate findings are between the 16th and 18th weeks of your pregnancy.

A quad screen may be recommended by your doctor if you:

  • Had endured any viral infection at the time of pregnancy
  • Have been exposed to high radiation levels
  • Consumed harmful drugs or medicines at the time of pregnancy
  • Are aged 35 years or more
  • Have a family medical history of birth-defects
  • have diabetes and using insulin to treat it

Is It Safe To Use The Quadruple Marker Test?

A small amount of blood is drawn during the quad screen. A lab worker draws enough blood through a vein in your arms to conduct the test. It is entirely safe for the baby.

Expected Test Results of The Quadruple Marker Test

The patient’s blood sample is sent to the lab for analysis.

Once completed, the report is shared with the doctor, who goes through it and discusses the implications with the patient and family. The patient’s report may reveal normal or abnormal findings, as seen below.

Normal Results: Normal levels of inhibin-A, hCG, UE, and AFP indicate that the mother and baby are in good health. If the results are unclear, the doctor may advise the pregnant mother to undertake additional testing.

In more than 98% of pregnancies, the quadruple marker test can predict delivery without severe difficulties and a healthy baby.

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Abnormal Results: An abnormal Quad test result can be ascribed to the following purposes:

  • In vitro fertilization
  • Diabetic condition
  • Not knowing the actual time or week of pregnancy
  • Multiple pregnancies 
  • Smoking during pregnancy

If the result returns positive, an ultrasound is advised to determine the number of infants and gestational age.

During the ultrasound, the healthcare practitioner can also determine whether the baby has any development concerns, if the placenta is in the proper position, or if the baby has any chromosomal disorders, such as Down’s syndrome.

Approximately 5% of women who take the test get a false-positive result, which implies that the quad test result is affirmative, but the baby is normal.

There may be some incidences of false-negative findings, which means that even though the Quadruple marker test results suggest that the risk of the woman carrying the baby is minimal, the possibility of the infant having a condition at birth cannot be ruled out.

If the quad test results are positive, the clinician advises the patient to undergo further testing to obtain a definitive diagnosis of the child’s condition.

Final Words

When it comes to you and your child in the womb, you have to be more careful, conscious, and responsible about your health. The best way to know whether your baby is thriving or having any abnormality is the quadruple marker test.

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