What to look for when hiring insurance for your mobile

Maria James


Smartphones have become inseparable devices for most, they last longer on average in our hands, and taking care of them is important. You will save yourself in trouble if you protect the mobile with covers, covers and tempered glass for the screen, but they are not infallible, and they are not an option for those who prefer to show off the original design of their phone.

In case you need to repair them out of warranty, mobile insurance helps to make this process more bearable, guaranteeing a shorter repair time or a replacement mobile while it is fixed, and without having to assume high costs when, for example, it breaks the screen, the mobile gets wet or stolen.

To insure a mobile, you can opt for the insurance of the telephone operators, for the insurance of other technology stores, and for the specific ones offered by some insurers. So we are going to review the small print of each of these options to compare the differences between the main proposals that we find in the market.

What does the original mobile warranty cover?

Before giving way to specific insurance for mobile phones, remember that all devices have a two-year guarantee that covers any problem that is not caused by misuse of the smartphone. That is to say, those problems that can be derived from failures in the software or in the internal hardware.

Although in the European Union, there are no warranty exceptions for the battery and the charger, it is common for manufacturers to establish it between 6 and 12 months, so, unless the fault with the battery is from the factory, it is common that manufacturers allege misuse of it to avoid having to replace them in longer periods. In this case, you will have to take it to repair yourself.

For the rest of breakdowns, or once the two years have passed, the mobile can be repaired with the consequent cost, unless you have insurance for the mobile.

Clauses to take into account in mobile insurance

The problems related to smartphones can be very varied, and we find a good number of them covered by the insurance available for almost all tastes. The most common coverages are:

  • If the screen is broken, it will be repaired by the technical service.
  • In the event of a wet mobile or one that shows symptoms of humidity, it will be repaired by the technical service.

In the event that they are irreparable, it is most likely that a refurbished mobile or a check for the value of the mobile at the time of the accident will be offered.

  • Robbery and larceny. In this case, it will be essential to present a copy of the corresponding report to the police and the solution may be between offering the same model or another of equivalent value.
  • Calls made until the line is terminated after a robbery may also be covered.

Among the breakdowns that may not be included in certain insurances are failures in charging and/or audio ports, specific failures such as WiFi, GPS, the sound of the speaker or headphones, batteries that run out too quickly, or damage. aesthetic that do not prevent proper operation. There may also be exceptions when we lose the mobile due to carelessness, that is, if the theft occurs while the user has left the device unattended or unattended in an unsafe place.

In addition, insurance may be limited to a maximum of parts per year, there is usually a minimum payment deductible that covers part of the repair or replacement. They may also be subject to a minimum stay with active insurance. And there is usually a maximum period to open a claim since it occurs.

The cheapest insurance

The insurance offered by telephone operators and stores such as Mediamarkt, El Corte Inglés or FNAC only offer this service to those who buy the mobile in the same store and insure it within a period of up to 30 days after the purchase of your device.

Regardless of where the mobile was purchased, The Phone House, the insurers Zurich, Caser, Europe Assistance, and online services such as SeguroMóvil.com and TuserguroMóvil.com also offer insurance for devices purchased in other stores as long as the good condition of the mobile is proven phone and ownership of it.


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