Why Are Cat Dental Treats Required?

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Cat Dental Treats

Do you provide treats and chews to your feline pets? Have you tried cat dental treats yet? Tired of the tantrums your feline pets are showing while brushing their teeth? These are the common concerns of every pet parent when it comes to the questions about keeping your pet’s teeth clean and fresh. Regular brushing of cats and kittens is undoubtedly a tough task. They don’t allow one to clean teeth and don’t like it either. Due to this, sometimes it becomes more difficult to brush their teeth regularly.

Why is dental hygiene so important?

Maintaining dental hygiene in pets is really important as if teeth are not regularly cleaned, it starts building plaque and tartar formation in the cat’s teeth and gums. This can lead to serious dental problems like bad breath, bleeding gums, periodontal diseases, tooth pain, and sometimes loss of a tooth, etc. This can also lead to serious digestive issues.

Dental disease in cats is a disorder that is found in almost 70% of cats when they reach the age of 3 years and more. The main reason for that is a periodontal disease which is distinguished by the expansion of plaque and tartar buildup on the cat’s teeth and also on the gum line. These are formed due to stuck food particles between teeth and several bacteria. These tartar and plaque formed in the teeth start producing themselves into the soft tissue of the gum, causing swelling, bad breath, and bleeding. If this is left untreated, they cause dental diseases that eventually start damaging other organs of the cat’s body including the liver, heart, and kidneys with several digestive issues.

How can one keep a cat’s teeth clean and maintain proper dental hygiene?

Regular brushing of a cat’s teeth is one of the most promising and important ways to maintain proper dental hygiene for cats. Yet, cats don’t like and also don’t allow anyone to brush their teeth. For that, professional groomers or veterinarians are required so that they can help with cleaning their teeth. However, regular visiting to professional groomers or veterinarians can become costly sometimes. Dental cat treats play a crucial role in this case.

Chewing plays a vital role in maintaining dental hygiene in every living organism. Similarly, cats come from predators’ families which means their natural instinct to chew meat by killing other animals maintains their dental health. However, it becomes a bit tough for pet cats food. Thus, dental treats for cats are a great option to feed cats in this case. Cat dental chews are made using biting textures that help in releasing plaque or buildup of food particles from teeth. It is also helpful in preventing tartar appearance by stimulating fresh breath and dragging the hassle of bad breath from pets’ mouths.

Do dental chews for cats provide any harm to the cat’s health?

While cat dental chews are essential for maintaining the dental hygiene of cats. Its excess intake might also cause harm to cats’ or kitten’s health. This is because when it comes to the feline pet’s health, their calorie requirement is different from that of other pets or humans. Cats require very less calories as compared to humans. Hence, before feeding any treats and chews to cats, it is always recommended to consult with a veterinarian once to get a complete idea of what and in which amount it should be fed to pets. Also, every brand mentions complete ingredient details used while creating that product on the packet so that it can be easy for every parent to get an idea about the treats they are feeding their pets.

Thus, there is no harm in feeding dental treats for cats to cute feline pets until it is fed within a certain limit and amount that is required to maintain proper oral hygiene. It will become harmful only if it is fed in excess amount. Read More: https://wiredremedy.com/

What are the benefits of feeding dental chews to cats?

There are various benefits of feeding dental cats dental chews and treats to feline pets. Those are as follows:

  • It helps in getting rid of the bad breath from the pet’s mouth.
  • It helps in removing plaque and tartar buildup from the pet’s mouth.
  • It keeps cats engaged and contented.
  • Its unique flavor and texture attract cats and increase their happiness.
  • It helps to stimulate clean teeth.
  • It provides fresh and clean breath to pets.
  • It’s a great source to increasing bond with your pet

When it comes to taking care of a cat’s health, no pet parent wants to take any risk and hence Kwik Pets is here. We always strive to serve the best quality dental treats for cats along with all pet products that are required to keep the feline pets’ overall health in check by maintaining their happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do keep kitten’s or cat’s teeth clean?

Regular brushing is of the utmost important way that helps to maintain the oral hygiene of cats. However, it can sometimes become a difficult task and requires more patience with feline pets. Other than brushing, cat dental treats play a significant role in maintaining the oral hygiene of pets. Dental treats and chews for cats remove plaque and tartar buildup from cats’ teeth and gums.

  1. What is the purpose of dental cleaning for cats?

Dental cleaning is very essential for every pet to protect against ordinary dental issues. It is observed that most cats over the age of 3 years suffer from periodontal disease with other dental issues which can cause disorders in tooth root spots. These dental issues can lead to fatal health issues like bleeding gums, digestive problems, heart issues, etc.

  1. What are cat dental treats?

Dental cat treats are treats and chews that can be fed to cats or kittens and are highly beneficial to maintaining the dental health of pets. It helps in removing tartar and plaque buildup from the pet’s teeth and gums. These are made with biscuit textures that create rubbing action while chewing removing bacteria from the surface and their ingredients helps to maintain dental health.

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